Saturday, 12 May 2012

You’re Highness

Queen Elizabeth II never fails to disappoint me with her fashion sense. She always looks impeccable no matter where she is or what the weather is like. This week at The House Of Lords at the state opening at parliament she stepped out as graceful as ever.
With all the issues of the economy and the speech she had to bring.  The Queen still manages to carry the weight of her crown on her head. 
Elizabeth II seems to inspire everyone but most of all those who are of older age. I always hear my mother and grandmother holding conversations of how such an amazing woman she is and of all the hats she must own (she could sneeze and it would be great LoL). I have so much respect for her iconic look. Her hairstyle, pearl earrings with a matching necklace and garments below the knee. The way she holds her handbag and the way she waves.

With the Diamond Jubilee coming up and everyone talking about the amount of days they have off, how wasted they can get and the organization of street parties. It will defo be a day you don’t want to miss, A DAY where England is proud to be British “Proper Mint”.  

In the back of May British Vogue has a chart on all the colours the Queen has worn in the past year. And just at the Royal Wedding last year of William and Kate there’s no doubt that the betting shops have a bet going on to see which colour she will be wearing.  Keep your eyes peeled.

Don’t for get to learn the words to the National Royal anthem. “...God save Me and the Queen” LOL.


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