Thursday, 23 May 2013

Final Major Project 2013: Fashion Design with Business Collection

 SOOO my Final Major Project is based on Breast Cancer.....As every designer bases every collection on something personal and what they have been through, in depth. I have based mine on a Disease that has affected others and myself. I have used it as a outlet and distraction to my feelings of this. Typically like the Cancer Research UK I am using Pink as my color throughout the collection. I have been asked to make three outfits and will show you my designs and journey.....

RIP 9th November 2012

This is the last time I went out with my Mum to get her hair cut. This was very much important to her as it is to every woman who does, love and adore her hair. So this was a great little treat to make her day and most importantly feel beautiful, like Mommy like daughter!! With her hair falling out often, a regular trip to the hair dressers for a shape up was something that not only kept her in a routine, but most importantly made her happy which was most important. Anything to make my Mum smile.

Breast Cancer Mood Board
Looking in depth at Mastectomy (Surgery to remove breasts) and Cancer cells. The shapes and colors of the diseased tissues, images of the breast-less body; stitch lines, asymmetrical features. The show piece will reflect this.

Silhouettes and shapes for my outfits came from Hospital uniform. This was also my inspiration as it is the place where we go to look after ourselves. The place for healing and recovery. The only place where we can physically get treatment and cure our body. This is the place where we have hope for the sick, and tears for the new born and departed.

I researched different fabrics and shades of pink. All in the best place to be in my humble opinion, Shepherds     Bush market!! Here you can get all..well OK majority of all the fabrics and at a reasonable price too. And you can bargain with them as there is so many shops next door to each other in competition. So I really stand by this area, and that is not because I am being told to say this (You have to pay me for any future promotions HAHA:))

As the Giving person I am LoL I raised money for breast Cancer Care by selling Cakes!! Not just Cupcakes by the way, I just want to emphasize that!! It was so much fun and it felt good too knowing you was giving money to such a wealthy cause. Soon I will do Race For Life too with my friends and will keep you posted on that too!

This is my first design I have developed on the mannequin around the breast area in Calico material to make a toile. 

This was given to my Mum from the hospital to help support her body. I took inspiration from this frame and the shape for my designs.

Using my Mums clothes I came up with styling ideas to help develop my designs.

Images from my sketchbook showing when I looked into Cells further and from this doing textile manipulation.

These are the toiles complete of my designs.

First final outfit completed. Called 'The Patients Gown'
If you look close you can see the mirror print effect of the word 'Cancer' which represents how Cancer can hide. Only if you look close enough, such as doing specific tests you can see it , but it can be missed.

Outfit 2 called 'Mastectomy'
The leggings have hair stitched on to represent hair loss. Depending on the severity and treatment, nearly 9 out of 10 Cancer patients loose theirs.

Using photoshop to manipulate the disabled logo to use as a screen print. The disabled logo reminds me a lot of going out with my Mum who used her Disable badge, which was great. To the family traveling with her it was like a VIP ticket!! Free parking and traveling!! and discount in the cinema!!! Good times :)

Outfit 3 called 'Cancer'.
With the disabled logo to represent being classed as disabled due to Cancer. 

Thats it!! 
Cancer Collection Completed!!

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