Friday, 17 May 2013


Hey Peeps!!! 

I am back finally. Sorry I been away, just been busy with life and its little obstacles. But never the less I am back and staying!. So how have you been? What's been good? What's new? 

I am good, well better, I had a sad moment in my life where I lost the most important vessel in my heart. It was a shock even though she wasn't her best.... I guess nothing in life prepares you for that...subtraction. It's weird because one evening she was there watching our daily Corrie with the family and the next she was... taken. I truly can't explain what the past few months has been like! Hectic but in a numb sort of way. It's like you know what needs to be done, and you have to do it, but on the inside you are just... not there. I can't tell you how many times I have heard repetitively, 'Time is a healer' or ' You know she would of wanted you to be happy'. Like dude how the hell would you know! But in all fairness I would probably say the same thing to a crying person who looks like they need some form of hope or even lies for comfort. and am sure I have on a few occasions hypercritically done so. I get a sort of hateful emotion when I hear or see the word, 'Cancer', like if it was a person or object I would really like to ask the person WHY? For what reason is your purpose? The battle all of us felt as a family with this disease, the emotional and physical strain it took on us all. I emphasize the word ALL as even though one body suffers with the disease I can assure you, emotionally we felt it. Looking after someone you loved dearly day in and day out, which became a normal routine to then just looking after yourselves. The scary voice in the back of your head wondering that dreadful thought of 'will she see me get married?' But you always keep it at the back of your head and brace a smile. So yeah it was a hard time, sad, painful, all what you expect and hear people in similar situations say. You truly never realize what you have until it's gone. I am always thankful to the one and only Angel who put me here on this earth and has made me who I am today, my late beloved mother Brenda Campbell. 

So now I am finally in my last year of Uni doing my Final Major Project on Breast Cancer. LoL for obvious reasons!! As a true designer I have taken inspiration from my own life story. So I am designing a Magazine and designing a whole womens fashion collection! So am a busy busy bee!! While am buzzing away I am still grieving but doing this is also helping me. Helping me analyse deeper the effects and consequences. Maybe something positive will come out of this deep meaningful project.....ERM yeah good grades please a 1st!! :) 

Please be patient with my tender soul as I sure will sure return to this full time in the summer once my Uni work is DONE! I will be giving you the trends, what I think is (Cliche alert!!) Hot or not?? And my other interesting or maybe not so interesting thoughts that I have and love to share with you guys!! 

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Oh before I forget!! I am taking part in Race for Life and raising money towards Cancer research. So if you feel like being nice, as am sure you are please donate. Anything is great, Thank you in advance. Click on the link below:

Rebekah the Individualist


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