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From my last few posts you may know that my final major project was a dedication to my mummy, based on the disease she had 'breast cancer'. I wanted to end my final year with a bang a 'wow factor'. At first there wasn't a brief to do both magazine and collection but my request was taken to the head of art and design and the board of education and they said yes to three outfits and a publication for submission but I wasn't aloud to have just three outfits for the fashion show and I so badly wanted to be apart of, so I pushed and made an extra three, collection complete booya!. 
My cancer collection is called A.WEAR.NESS (see what I did there lol) inspired by summer silhouettes and different shades of pinks which is the mascot colour to breast cancer. Perfect!  
 Each outfit has its own meaning:  
Outfit name: TLC 
Tender,Love & Care but also Touch, Look, Check you alone know your body and jersey being a close
fabric to the skin.   

Outfit name: Mastectomy
a denim waistcoat representing the removal of a breast (womanhood), hair loss.    
 Outfit name: Patients
growing up mummy loved satin nightwear but treatment made her so hot she had to turn to cotton. On her hospital trips she would wear a open back gown like this (can't see the back ovbs). The word cancer is screen printed on in a faint pink showing how discreet this disease can be. Cancer bow on models right nipple.

Outfit name: Disability
sick to the core that didn't stop mummy from going to church or hitting the shops every week sometimes more than once. With the help of my dad she took full advantage of her disability badge and with a low cut hairstyle she felt even more powerful with her look.

                                                              Outfit name: Spinalhold
the cancer was all down mummy's spine it made her cripple (member when they use to say at school imagine if you never had any bones she was like that) and this back brace gave support like a iron corset.

 Outfit name: She's got it
shows the multitude on breast cancer, hand dyed and hand stitched to pencil skirt teamed with mummy's neck-brace.

Collection: A.WEAR.NESS
Mummy had worn stilettos all her life even to work but slippers had taken its place due to swelling all shoes are from Primark and all fabric was brought at Shepherds Bush, Goldhawk Rd, London. Bra cups from macculloch & wallis, London Weave Dalston, East London. Bras:

Wanna know more I recommend :

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  1. Your collection is inspiring and really gets a strong message across, beautiful. Followed xx


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