Thursday, 27 February 2014


It's the programme I've been waiting for to grace me television for months 'My mad fat diary' staring
Sharon Rooney. Sharon plays character Ray Earl a teenager who suffers from mental health issues. Not only trying battle self control she is troubled by problems most women face with weight, looks and boys. She retreats and finds comfort in her diary pouring out her soul on all feelings shared with us as part of her mind. Her character maybe made to be a odd cookie with her strong features, but look closer and she actually knows about classic clothing. You know them pieces everyone should have among the basics
 'the forever trends' of a check/ tartan/ gingham shirt (watever), mom jeans, red converses with a band tee (British of course) teamed with a quality backpack and a arty farty moleskin. Sometimes 'Ray' even brings out that all suit biker jacket. Her and her cast have me in stitches at times but also makes me think about deep situations in peoples lives that I've never thought about before.    
Monday, E4@10pm  
 Shirt: was-£14:00 now-£7:00 @ Asda, Diary: £9.99 @ Ryman, Bag: £33.99@hype,
Shoes: £89.99 @ebay, Jeans: £40.00 @MOTO Topshop, Tee: £5.98@

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