Tuesday, 25 February 2014


I made it!!! I finished the race and even when I'm still considering doing a masters, I was very happy to hear my name being called at the ceremony "BA (Hons) Fashion design with fashion business, Rebekah Campbell" and to be the first one up to represent my group was epic. My last year was hard knowing the work load of an essay, dissertation, a magazine and a full collection but also life load, mummy falling ill pushed my dad, sis and I. Sis and I had to take turns to miss classes knowing this was a big year with her leaving college, heading to uni and me leaving it. We both successfully achieved it all, we knew mummy was proud of us but at that very moment working it across the stage I could hear her in my head just like at my bro's graduation shout out 'thank you Jesus'.  


2012                                                                                   2014

Dress: Oasis, Petticoat: Beyond Retro                                                                         Dress: Jaded London


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